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Source code Audit?

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Hello PK

would you kindly explain how the extraflag script + server backend work? A lot of people are making claims of it being a botnet when we try to shill it for more rare flags, and it is hindering our script adoption rate, e.g.

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/carib/ autobumper?

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I am wondering if there is indeed a bot like this used in /carib/, and if we can use it in /flag/

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ITT: We try to out-rare eachother

OP here setting the bar low with Zimbabwe.
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Newfags out!
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Wat. Is this where all the /ref/ posters went? We made another /ref/ on GETchan, but it's fucking dead. I suppose PB will be happy to hear this. Maybe Fag Fairy too, but I don't even know if he's still around.
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Where can I get proxies and VPN for extremely rare flags?
pic unrelated
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IO, UM and AQ

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Hi, glad to find this group :)

Could anyone help me get as many hits from IO, UM and AQ?

Thanks :)

Link to my counter: http://ypro.net/abc