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big lad edition
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Sverigetråden - Nattupplagan

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1. Your country
2. Your country's closest ally

I'll start

1. America
2. France
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ITT we mourn peoples and civilisations that didn't deserve to go extinct/be conquered/absorbed

My suggestions:
>Napoleonic Empire
>Gaelic Ireland
>Western Roman Empire
>Tsardom of Russia
>Eastern Roman Empire
>Ancient Egypt
>Pagans in general

Feel free to add to the list, I don't know much history outside of the British Isles
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>he thinks there are developed places in latinoamerica when all the region competes with africa for the most subhuman place on earth
>he thinks cono sur is first world
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Suddenly 100,000 thicc asian girls migrate to your country.
How does your country react?
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>"i know your country better than you because i always agree what my own country's medias said about your country"
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Could someone here tell me the historical inaccuracies of this?
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/fr/ - le francofil

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édition de l'aventure coloniale
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edycja korpo wygibasów
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