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Kulturell appropriasjon-utgave
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Raqqa ficken und den Islam zerschlagen
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The establishment edition
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>Fell for the wagiecuck meme
>Now have no time for my real passions, Mathematics and Chemistry
>No time or energy to exercise
>No energy to anything besides wagiecuck, sleep and post on 4gag

>Keep reading articles about how 20 year olds are starting multimillion dollar companies from their moms basement
>Keep reading about how 18 year old are setting Olympic world records
>Keep hearing about Pajeets who come to this country and get good jobs or businesses by working hard
>Keep realizing my peers from school are either successful or nearly successful
>Dread every day wondering where it went wrong
>Regularly dream about doing something big and becoming famous and rich
>Always hear "Ull never wish u worked more when ur old" but when it comes down to it I simply dont have the power or will to follow my own interests or goals
>Regularly cry before work
>Regularly cry after work
>Can't fall asleep at night
>Sometimes at lunch wonder about what if I quit my job and then only did the opposite of my intuition like in the hit film called officespace
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New infrastructure edition. Shit is getting built here yo.
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Who is your country's most famous woman?
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Why are western countries seeing a rise in ultra nationalism?
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