What is this?

Archive of 4chan, as 4chan has no permanent storage.

Full images? Thumbnails only?

No. Yes. I don't have enough space. This is a personal archive anyways, go to desustorage if you want a good archive.

Takedown / DMCA / EU equivalent

I will delete all intellectual property, copyrighted material, personal information and everything else which I am required to delete by US or EU law. Please note that this is not 4chan and 4chan rules do not apply here. Please use the report box or e-mail [email protected]. This will be faster than going through my hosting provider. For law enforcement: I only archive from 4chan. I don't know anything (IP) about who posted what. For this, please contact 4chan directly.

Where can I find other boards?

List of other Fuuka/FoolFuuka archivers here.


Just email for now. [email protected]